Shipsall corporate culture

We would like to tell you a little about us, our team, how we live, work and relax together.

The history of our company is a forge of frames. All persons, having worked in our Group, necessarily improved their qualifications, mastered new specialties for themselves, broadened their horizons, learnt how to communicate with foreign partners, got to know the main leaders of the sea freight market.

Today, there is no one significant company in the RO-RO transportation sector that is not familiar with us. We cooperated, competed with all of them and their employees were trained by us.

Our company prepares leaders who work according to the principles of the company and train new employees.

The flexibility of the company is based on the practice of not only vertical but also horizontal career growth within the organization.

“Energetic and professional”, “Enthusiasm is what everyone expects from you”, “Our goal is cool projects”, “All clients are with us”.

We constantly update our pages in social networks, where you can follow our progress and events.

Today our company is a strong team, everyone in it is constantly learning and sharing experience with each other.

Modern office, medical insurance, coffee room, massage armchair.

We carry out the implementation of new IT technologies in logistics, participate in professional parties, exhibitions and conferences.

We hold corporate events for our employees.

We had bowling, organized yacht races on the Gulf of Finland, cooked dinner under the guidance of a professional chef, went to football in the new arena, visited museum, and also drived karts.

We strive for a significant increase in the company due to the growth of professionalism, a young team and interesting large projects.