The company can offer container services in almost all regions of the world, both door transportation and LCL, warehousing, etc.

We offer our clients:

  • service from / to different parts of the world providing competitive rates
  • elaboration of any transportation scheme (including repacking) of containerized cargo that meets the client’s requirements
  • organization and documentary support (placement of bookings, provision of empty containers for loading, monitoring the movement of containers from the moment of delivery empty until the delivery of the goods to the consignee, customs clearance).
  • if necessary, insurance of your cargo for the entire period of transportation.

We can accept and handle your cargo in St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok.

With many years of experience, the Company successfully solves any problem of organizing the transportation of imported goods (including some classes of dangerous goods) by sea:

  • in standard dry containers (20dc, 20ht, 40dc, 40 hc, 40 hcpw, 45 hcpw)
  • in tank containers for liquid cargo (tank containers)
  • in specialized containers for oversized cargo (open-top, flat-rack)
  • in refrigerated containers (20ref, 40 ref)

In addition, we organize sea transportation of small cargoes in LCL containers.

Transportation of such goods can be carried out both door-to-door and between consolidation warehouses.

All this allows us to implement any wishes of our Clients regarding the organization of work with cargo, including the organization of multimodal door-to-door transportation of goods, using road and rail transport, solution of related tasks for customs clearance of goods, organization of intermediate cargo operations for storage of goods, repackaging, labeling or transshipment from one type of transport to another, both on the territory of the Russian Federation and in other countries.

In addition, at the request of the Customer, we are always ready to give advice:

  • on optimization of Import Foreign Trade Operations
  • questions on the conclusion of international contracts for the purchase / sale of goods,
  • on the preparation of the necessary documentation for the smooth handling of cargo documents through the customs authorities of the Russian Federation and other supervisory institutions, such as Veterinary or Phyto Border Inspection, Excont, Certification and Sanitary Control authorities.

We can carry out customs clearance of goods.

Intra-port forwarding and customs clearance are two integral links in the overall chain of movement of cargo / goods from the warehouse of the seller / sender to the warehouse of the final buyer / recipient.

These Tasks require the highest professionalism, literacy and responsibility from the forwarder.

Intra-port forwarding and customs clearance have their own characteristics, rules and a set of necessary actions.

The main services for intra-port forwarding of goods are transshipment and repacking, sorting, registration, warehousing at terminals, loading and unloading operations, import and export to / from the port, survey, insurance (if necessary) and, of course, documentary formalities.

The main services for customs clearance of goods in the customs authorities are both “customs clearance” and  “transit customs clearance” with delivery of goods under customs transit to the regions.

Thus, the company provides professional services for intra-port forwarding and customs clearance.

A professional approach means:

  • knowledge of the order of interaction with port and customs services
  • legal literacy of registration of port and customs documentation
  • accreditation of the company in the port, which gives the right to carry out activities on the territory of the port
  • significant experience and ability to work with various types of cargo: containers, self-propelled equipment (dump trucks, buses, tractors, cars), equipment without packaging, oversized (over 5 m in width / height and 40 m in length), heavy weights (over 300 tons)
  • organization and control of the passage of all necessary inspection procedures in government services (customs, sanitary and hygienic, veterinary, quarantine, etc.)

In many cases, customers need to deliver the minimum size of the consignment at the lowest cost, it is impractical to carry it separately in a container – the solution is a Less container Load.

We can pick up a consignment of cargo from the warehouse, deliver it to the consolidation warehouse, arrange and combine it into one booking (i.e. container) and send it by sea.

We can also pick up several consignments of cargo from different places, consolidate in our warehouse, arrange and organize loading both into LCL  container and shipping by sea.

If necessary, we can insure your cargo during transportation.