Is it possible to optimize the scheme of transportation of goods in containers?


Possibility to stack loads up to 4 m high and 2.6 m wide without additional freight surcharges.

Carrying capacity of 40 ft roll-trailer up to 100 tons.

Protection from precipitation: waiting for the ship in the port under a canopy, our ro-ro ships do not have open cargo decks.

Regular fixed ferry schedule.

For permanent (streaming) goods – special rates.

For streaming goods, it is possible to deliver goods under a single bill of lading, including overland transportation in Europe.

Provision of fastening material.

Reducing the cost of container transportation due to the use of roll trailers


One mafi trailer can load one wagon

Stacking cargo reduces freight costs

The rates of container carriers are higher than tents / flatbed semitrailers

If it is necessary to accumulate cargo and its distribution, the use of containers leads either to additional costs for demurrage, or to additional PRP for their release

Provision of fixing material by Line

Interruptions with the availability of containers due to the imbalance of import / export at the container line are not possible.